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Submit Your Project

Submissions are closed.

Please read the below BEFORE submitting:

Film selections and awards will be based on excellence in filmmaking, not on the level of circus skills displayed. 

Before submitting your project to CIFF, please review the categories below, and decide which category best fits your project:

  • Under 18: The Under 18 category is open to all films created by filmmakers under 18. To qualify for this category, the director, director of photography, and/or editor must be under the age of 18 at the time of project completion. It is encouraged, but not required, that all involved in the project are under 18.

  • Short Shorts - The Short Shorts category is solely a length-based category. All genres of circus films are welcome. Films must be 5 minutes or less. Promo videos/reels will not be considered.

  • Shorts - Documentary: The Shorts - Documentary category is open to all projects that are under 45 minutes in length. The films must fit the documentary format, and must follow some narrative.

  • Shorts - Non-Documentary: The Shorts - Non-Documentary category is open to all projects that are under 60 minutes in length. These films must NOT fit into the documentary genre. These projects can include, but are not limited to, experimental, music videos, show videos.

  • Full Length: The Full Length category is open to all projects that are 45 minutes or greater in length. They may be any genre of film featuring circus.


Guidelines for all submissions:

All competing films must have been completed no earlier January 2021 to be eligible for submission.

Films considered X Rated will NOT be accepted.

Films must not have received a wide theatrical release.

Festival applicant MUST have rights to all images, music, etc.

Films must not be promotional materials or reels.

Applicant must sign liability waiver and  limited media release, but will retain rights to their own work.

Submission Fees:

Under 18: $10-17 USD

Shorts (Under 10 Min.): $10-25 USD

Shorts (Documentary & Non-Documentary): $15-25 USD

Full Length: $20-35 USD


If the submission fee is a barrier for you, please email with a description of why you would like to request a fee waiver.

CIFF is dedicated to equity and accessibility.

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