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2023 Official Selections
Short Documentary

about julian vogel.jpg
About Julian Vogel and His Objects

Filip Jacobson


Julian Vogel is Diabolo artist. But he goes beyond his circus practice. He dedicate his life to experiment with the object. Mixing circus, contenporary performance and... ceramics.

about laura .jpg
About Laura Murphy

Filip Jacobson


Laura Murphy connect standup, circus, dance and feminism. During Corona she was challange to colaborate with a filmmaker. The film shows how Laura tries to adapt her work into film.

about overhead project.jpeg
About Overhead Project

Filip Jacobson


Overhead project is group of friends and collaborators based in Germany. They try to combine circus, modern dance, experimental music. Their work is based on non-hierarchical relations.

all that we hace.jpeg
All That We Have

Eric Bates, Stefanie Fournier


An internationally renowned hand balancer reflects on the uncertain and challenging start to her career path.

come one come all.jpeg
Come One Come All

Nathan Taylor Ward


Come One Come All is a 27 minute documentary telling the story of a small mountain town circus and its incredible power to change lives for the better. The Salida Circus is a social circus, using the circus arts to address social justice, promote personal wellness and create community among children and adults. Through unicycling, trapeze and juggling knives, the circus is changing lives.

freestyle orchestra.jpg
The Freestyle Orchestra

Sonja Schebeck, Antonio Chorbadzhiyski


A comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be a "Freestyle Orchestra" - a collective of classically-trained musicians who all have skills in modern circus and movement arts.

human cartoons.jpeg
Human Cartoons:
Adventures in New American Clowning

Colin Henry Johnson


Exploring two days in the development of a new performance piece with world-renowned clowns at Z Below in San Francisco, CA.

Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 1.46.32 PM.png

Luís Costa, Miguel da Santa


BETA CIRCUS aims to disseminate new trends in contemporary circus and to create training opportunities for artists in current relevant artistic dimensions. For two years, BETA CIRCUS provided opportunities for the European audience to get in touch with "magie nouvelle", through live shows and specialized actionss. As a European cooperation project, supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, aimed to develop a new international vision dedicated to the capacity building process of contemporary emerging artists who seek innovative works, trends and languages in the circus universe, with a special focus on peripheral European countries and with a lesser degree of recognition of this domain in the context of contemporary performing arts. A group of 12 participants traveled through four countries - Serbia, Italy, Portugal and Latvia - for a training program through experience, led by expert mentors in contemporary illusionism and opening points of contact and interaction capable of stimulating artistic careers, creating opportunities for transnational cooperation.

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