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Circus International Film Festival

About Us

Circus International Film Festival started in 2021, born out of a worldwide pandemic and a hunger for creative expression​.


Marisa Diamond, a filmmaker and circus artist, realized the need for a film festival dedicated to circus, after years of submitting her circus films to film festivals under the Music Video, Dance, or Experimental categories.

CIFF exists for circus artists and filmmakers alike. We are here to support and honor bringing the art of circus to the medium of film.

In its inaugural year, CIFF is entirely volunteer organized and run.

CIFF is dedicated to equity and representation, across race, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, (dis)ability, language & religion.

The Team

The CIFF Crew

headshot 4.jpg
Marisa Diamond

Founder/Festival Director

Emily Fulton

Festival Assistant

Jonathan Meehan

Communications Director

Want to Get Involved?
CIFF is actively seeking Festival volunteers, specifically translators, captioners, and PR volunteers.
Please email, if you are interested!
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