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2023 Official Selections
Short Non-Documentary

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Howie Echo-Hawk


Native comedian/musician/director Howie Echo-Hawk (AKA there's more) composed a jazz fusion piece to express the feeling of being a Native person who is forced to expertly negotiate with their oppressors (with selections rearranged from a speech from native rights activist Russel Means). Together with fellow Indigenous aerial artist, Jasmine Manuel, they created a long single take piece to embody the story being told by the song. Filmed by Michael B Maine at SANCA in Seattle, WA.


Colectivo Bordel


Three bodies burst into an empty space. Lacking elements to hold on to, they will only be able to fuse their physicalities to mutate and (re)build a new world made of scraps, desires and fantasies. A space where the bodies will be the protagonists, mutating and imagining new forms of existence.

sonando despierto.jpeg
Soñando Despierto

Paúl Gomex


A former clown who has lost his job during the pandemic finds himself being the janitor of a theater in which a dream"like" experience awaits.


Ken Fanning


Circus in the rain in Belfast.

traversing tarot.jpeg
Traversing Tarot

Yasmina Frances Bourdais


Traversing Tarot is an indie film that brings tarot cards to life in the form of talented circus performances. The film follows a tarot reading with you, the audience, as you are immersed into its mystical world. The project was originally made by a Youth Circus student (now alumna) to raise money towards the tuition fund of the non-profit San Francisco Circus Center.

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