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2023 Official Selections
Under 18 

what it takes to be a clown.jpeg
What It Takes To Be A Clown 

Aohdan Lane


learning to fail.jpeg
Learning to Fail

Thea Herner-Brown


More than anything else, juggling has taught me how to fail. Through juggling, I've learned that to succeed, you first must learn how to fail.

jcp_sass221203E-487 - Morrison Helton.jpg
998 Good Bricks

Morrison Helton


Mo had this song saved for more than 4 years before making this piece in November. The act is meant to accompany the song and emphasize the story it's telling. She asks that you don't just watch, but you listen, to the story of 998 Good Bricks.

Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 1.13.42 PM.png

Samovil Müller


The short film explores the impact words have on us.
It shows a person who is being discriminated against. They hear the voices that are insulting them over and over in their head and slowly start doubting themselves. They slowly lose their happiness (presented through the piece of cloth) and don't know where to go or what to do. They try to fit in and be "normal", but there is no chance. After all, they "lay [their] hands upon this ground", which is a metaphor for everything that gives them energy to live.
I wanted to show how words can easily affect our mental health.

The statements of the voices in the beginning have been mostly influenced by my trans and nonbinary experience, but they are also related to discrimination because of mental illnesses or neurodivergence. But they are open to more interpretations for everyone who can relate to this experience.

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