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2022 CIFF Official
Short - Non-Documentary Selections

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Pandora, Peonies

Catherine Girard, Nadine Louis


snatch and grab.jpeg
Snatch and Grab

Ken Fannning


Snatch and Grab is a circus celebration of the fierce and the wild.

A mish-mash of reckless acrobatics, treacherous juggling and feminist circus.

Snatch and Grab is a 2 woman punk circus film from Belfast. Performed by award winning performers Angelique Reckless Ross and Mish-Mash Toblerone. Aided and abetted by Ken Fanning from AKenEvil Thing.

25 minutes of sweet beats and questionable actions.

period drama.jpeg
Period Drama

Olga Kaleta, Holly Black

United Kingdom

A deep dive by performance artist Olga Kaleta into chronic anxiety through a personal feminist lens, via slasher flicks, bloody knickers & suicidal insects. A short circus film.

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