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Exhibition Films

These films are may not be eligible for festival awards, but they paved the way for CIFF to exist.

Circus Kids - Circus Harmony.jpg
Circus Kids

Circus Harmony/Alexandra Lipsitz


Circus Kids tells the story of the first partnership and tour between Circus Harmony, a social circus in St. Louis and the Galilee Circus,  a Jewish/Arab youth circus in Israel.   As these young people from a variety of backgrounds focus on what connects them instead of what divides, they create something amazing together. The film follows them across Israel as they promote peace through pyramids, joy through juggling, and harmony through handsprings!

_21_11 - 01 (selecionada) (1) - Gui Mart
Hora de Dormir

Guilherme Martins Moreira


The clowns Tertúlia, Jabotinha and Bufinho Marofa are anxiously preparing for the best time of the day: bedtime. But despite all the self-care procedures, it seems that something prevents them from getting the long-awaited nap

13x18 (2) - Igor Gavva.jpg
Foam Heart

Igor Gavva


The clown whose mother passed away, wants to conseal his feelings.

Summer Holidays - Igor Gavva.JPG
Summer Holidays

Igor Gavva


This is how I spent my summer in quarantine.

The Climb - Keenan Gray.jpg
The Climb

Keenan Gray


“The Climb” is a satirical take on one of the circus' oldest and most confusing disciplines; ladder. This autobiocumentary follows Keenan, the star performer of the ladder community, as he recovers from a near fatal accident while performing the infamous

“Triple Dub”.

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