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Full Length Selections

A.Lone_Poster_Poster_1 - Aaron Marquise.

Aaron Marquise


From the Contemporary Circus and Immersive Arts Center comes a poignant, funny, one-of-a-kind solo circus performance. A.Lone brings you into the world of A, a lonely clown quarantined on an old theater’s stage. Outside, a war rages on. To overcome fright and loneliness, A invents a family life full of fun and mischief while reliving magnificent days in the limelight. With imagination as his weapon and fantasy as his banner, A finds the courage to believe in a brighter tomorrow.


Xavi Domenech


Fakirs is a documentary that aims to inform the world of Fakir in Spain. A portrait of the past, present and future I favor a few who have seen the dream of his childhood; to live up feeling Fakires.

A show where control of body and mind do unimaginable things possible.

Season Finale

Circus Smirkus


Filmed at Circus Smirkus Camp, summer of 2020, featuring the campers and coaches of our single, 5-week session. This film imagines a documentary film crew of clowns capturing the magic of this unique and unforgettable summer at Smirkus Camp.

The Balancing Act Poster - Circus Harmon
The Balancing Act:
Walking the Pandemic Tightrope

Circus Harmony


The Balancing Act: Walking the Pandemic Tightrope is a story told from Circus Harmony students’ and alumni’s’ individual living rooms, bedrooms, and backyards. They share their views on this moment in time (fall 2020) including the pandemic, racial inequity, and the presidential election. They demonstrate how they are staying balanced in this unbalanced time.

Higher res CIRQUE DU CAMBODIA - Joel Ger
Cirque du Cambodia

Joel Gershon


Cirque du Cambodia follows the journeys of two teenagers from rural Cambodia living out a classic fantasy – running away and joining the circus. But it isn’t just any circus they dream about; they are determined to become the first Cambodians to perform with Cirque du Soleil.

La Maroma a la Antigua
(Old-Fashioned Maroma)

Charlotte Chloé Ada Pescayre Bourdais


An ethnologist-funambulist meets the Zapotec maromeros from Santa Teresa, Veracruz, Mexico. Years later, they decide to perform the maroma as it was practiced before becoming “indigenous circus”. “Old fashioned-maroma” is a reconstruction of memory through the stories told by the ethnologist and by different generations of maromeros. The film introduces the foundation of dance, the structures building processes, the rites of protection and the maroma spectacle.

Thank you card(3).jpg

Katelyn Ryan


A meticulous approach to contemporary circus, featuring seven of Canada's top artists in a breathtaking online format.

Having endured chaos, uncertainty, loss and a variety of hardships during a global pandemic, the artists behind TEN take an introspective look at the emotions that were prevalent throughout the past year. Through the expression of such experiences, TEN also showcases the strength, perseverance and resilience of the human condition.

_MG_2840 - Débora Ishikawa.jpg
Under the Same Roof

Débora Ishikawa


A very busy teacher with his routine, unpretentiously finds company in a cat run over. He saves her from the streets, and she saves him from loneliness. Under the same roof is a show by Cia Gravitá, with Débora Ishikawa and Alessandro Coelho and direction scored by Michelli Rebulho. From games corporal, comical and acrobatic, the characters meet and create a friendship bond that transforms way they see life.

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