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Shorts - Documentary Selections

New Horizons

Antoine Ménard


New Horizons is as part of the "5.0" project initiated by The Elemen'Terre Project during their tour of the Ponant Islands in Brittany. It follows the circus artists of the world-famous troupe "Cirque Barcode" who tell us about their ambitions to make their art, a way to convey messages of ecology and environmental protection.

The challenge they set for themselves during this trip is, first of all, to create a tour of shows with low carbon emissions thanks to their trips made by sailboat.

Ray of Light

Russian State Circus


This film is dedicated to the world-famous clown Oleg Popov and his clown reprise "Ray of Light".

Inside the Circus: Beyond the Pie

Circus Smirkus


Created for the 2020 Smirk-O-Vision online season, this documentary is a behind the scenes look at cooking and serving hundreds of meals per day at Smirkus Camp and on the Big Top Tour, hosted by veteran Smirkus chef Andrew Levy.

Women of America

Felicity Hesed


Contemporary women remember suffragists through music, storytelling, and circus. This series was created as a celebration of the 19th Amendment Centennial and a call to action for the 2020 election.

Our Flight Through Lockdown

Christian Britten

United Kingdom

Our Flight Through Lockdown features a group of highly skilled circus artists reflecting on their journey through Lockdown, coming together and building new connections during a pandemic where we cannot touch.

Our Flight Through Lockdown explores the impact of their world being stripped from them, and the struggle to maintain their artistic practice and stay connected with their communities.

Skeeter the Clown

The Uncle Junior Project


Growing up between the segregated south and the bustling ghettos of the South Bronx, a Vietnam Veteran finds his purpose in the center ring of the Greatest Show on Earth.

The Easy Path Documentary

Martin Riedel


Martin Riedel processes the death of his father caused by a lifetime alcohol addiction.

Riedel uses his art as a circus performer on the Chinese pole and the time being isolated in Norway during C19, to tell a story of regret, loss and grief. In the interview, he describes the background to the short film "Easy Path".

Riedel gives insight into his emotional journey and some advice from his point of view based on his experiences.

A Circus Family

Zip Zap Circus

South Africa

This documentary shares the heart-warming story of our humble beginnings and the magic in between. It shares our compelling story of 27 years and captures not only the impact of the work, but also gives the viewers a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it takes to make circus magic.

Intro 35th Anniversary 'Cirque Arlette Gruss'

Tommy Vuylsteke & Christian Nolens (FRA)

Tribute to the 35th Anniversary of the Cirque Arlette Gruss.
Featuring Clown Matute and all the family members of Madame Arlette Gruss.

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