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Shorts - Documentary Selections

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A Call for Change

Sarah Thirkell


Gymnastics is at a critical inflection point, where as a community we must choose a harder path of introspection, accountability, and embracing the challenge of practical change. In SHIFT's first ever original film, we highlight critical voices in this movement for forward progress that strives to maximize athlete wellness and ushering in a new era of the sport.


Bárbara Monteiro Francesquine & 

Alexandre Salomão


In 2015, three Brazilian artists go to Venice to work at the carnival and discover their magic and ironies. Castles with luxury parties brought reflections and experiences that were usually not accessible to them. Five years later, the pandemic scenery moderates the resumption of the images of that trip and concerns that connect memories of the past to the present. Audiovisual experiments build a narrative about the panorama of a circus artist who dreamed of traveling the world.

Circus Movements

Lukas Berger


Circus culture is a space of diversity, cooperation and integration. A magical space with real people. "Circus Movements" was shot with circus kids from Ethiopia - Liya and Beza, doing the hula hoop; Habtamnesh, doing the aerial hoop; and the Beniyam, only 5 years old, performing acrobatics. Collectively, they are great circus artists performing in the magnificent landscapes of Ethiopia.

Hasta Que Las Voces

Danielo Amaya


Hasta qe las voces' is a humble manifestation of mourning and solidarity with the victims of the wave of violence that hit Colombia en 2020. We do it with respect, with no other pretension than to make memory, from what we do best, circus.

The Barbette Project R&D

Stav Meishar


A short documentary about the research and development of "The Barbette Project" -  a show that's part historical research, part autobiographical explorations of gender then and now, in a mix of theatre, circus, video projections and live art. This is the true story of Barbette*, a legendary gender-bending trapeze artist, woven with the lived experiences of LGBT+ people and circus artists today.


Joel David Baker


A circus artist discovers a family secret after his father's death. On tour in Germany he finds his father's first wife Frieda, the brother he didn't know he had, and a connection to the circus family his father left behind.

Fer Sumundo

Arely Cantellano Fragoso


The life of a hooper from Mexico City, and how her dream starts on the traffic lights. Her conviction and love for circus make her to be at European Circus and being one of the most important hooper from Mexico.

Isla Bonita

Glorimar Sierra Santiago

Puerto Rico

Circus in the best stage! ... the nature of Puerto Rico a beautiful Island in the Caribbean.

Isla Bonita Circus Tour is a short film where the students of ENC of Puerto Rico perform circus acts in the best corners of our Borinquen Island. In a historical moment where we could not go outside due to the covid-19 pandemic, our students claim our mother nature to exercise doing circus and show the public that we must take care of her and that we need her more than going to a shopping center.

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