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Shorts - Performance 


Light of Dawn.png
Light of Dawn

Lea Toran Jenner

 Germany & Spain

Meeting for the first time, two strangers connect at a deep level. Together they drift into a dreamlike state discovering the fear, excitement and joy of falling in love. Trusting each other blindly and risking everything, under the 'Light of Dawn' they only grow closer in their dance of love. ‘Light of Dawn’ is a visual representation of the original circus act developed and choreographed by Duo Unity (Lea Toran Jenner & Francis Perreault) and has been performed on some of the biggest circus stages in the world, including the Moulin Rouge in Paris.​

EOTSOUC poster - Ruben Ingwersen.png
Extracts From the State
of Uncertainty

Ruben Ingwersen


Extracts from the State of Uncertainty Collection “ Is an immersive experience/performance/event. A wrap up of the year 2020 expressed through different mediums such as visual art, audio, poetry, performance art and circus. An intimate experience where we give public tour of our realities, fantasies and dissolution.

Hallelujah-Poster-1 - Matthew Richardson

Matthew Richardson


“Hallelujah” is a queer/circus concept about religion and the importance of choosing kindness regardless of our differences or beliefs. It tells the story of an individual troubled by the hate in the world and his partner who is fighting to lift him up, to remind him he is beautiful exactly how he is. My message is that religion should inspire more kindness and open arms, even towards those you may not understand.

C0051T01 - Cuream Jackson.JPG

Cuream Jackson


“Intimacy” is a short film where I dive into my personal discomfort with affection and the gay dating culture. By way of spoken word, aerial work, and close camera angles, I endeavored to create a piece with which we can all identify with to an extent. I feel like we can all speak to giving too much or too little in a relationship. Also to ogive voice to people in the queer community as well.

Descendant - Angola Murdoch.png

Angola Murdoch


This piece questions how our ancestry affects our lives, whether our decisions are affected by our ancestral past, and do they shape our future? Is our lineage what makes us who we are or do we shed all of it?

Gone Poster - Noeli Acoba.png

Noeli Acoba


A young woman is searching for something she lost, when she stumbles upon a box of photographs. As she goes through the photos, she is faced with the memories of her best friend.

6.1.6_6.1.6 - Cassandra Cornell.jpg
Inside Without

Cassandra Cornell


Confronting who we are, who we are becoming, as the world unravels.

Into the Woods - Lauren Cookk.png
Into the Woods

Lauren Cook


Only by going alone in silence, without baggage, can one truly get into the heart of the wilderness. All other travel is mere dust and hotels and baggage and chatter so I'll walk away quietly in any direction and taste the freedom of the forest. So into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul. Will I come out the same, or did it change me for the better. Now I am one with nature.

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