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Shorts - Performance 


DuoHoop - Lauren Cookk.jpg
It Will Be OK

Lauren Cook


I can tell that things aren't right. And that you are really not fine. I know you're hurting, you're unhappy. But I need you to stay strong and pull through because thing get better and life goes on. These moments of sadness are only here to show us how wonderful great moments in life are.

Jane resized handstand 2020 - Jane Kirby
Like a stormcloud
bringing change

Jane E. Kirby


A short circus film inspired by community organizer Joan Kuyek's work on housing issues in Kingston, Canada. It was created in 2020 as part of a project challenging the "great white men" version of Kingston history. In addition to telling Joan's story, the film aims to flip a narrative that makes a spectacle of those facing homelessness and housing issues on its head, instead making a spectacle of landlords, developers, local governments and others who contribute to the local housing crisis.

3E231F12-4841-442D-81B4-EB2D0B90E08E - B
My Quarantine

Beren D'Amico


A daydream, during a quarantine

poster5 - The Makers Archive.jpg
No Title

The Makers Archive


Dance, play, and a tiny romance?

AC6BC2A3-9813-484A-A744-D3A1C31FA986 - J

Jack Dawson & Reed Kelly

Australia & USA

Two Fathoms (Reed Kelly & Jack Dawson) premiere a new act which centres around how one electric instant can be the jolt you need to gather your courage and live your truth. Is it by chance or is it “Kismet”?

LiViVi-Film-Fest - Marion Bellin.jpg

Les 7 doigts de la main


On Oct 1st, 3 circus artists came together at Animatrik's Performance Capture facility in Vancouver, under the direction of Samuel Tetreault of The 7 Fingers and Shocap Entertainment’s Athomas Goldberg. 24h later, we live-streamed this Live & Virtual Circus performance over YouTube Live to attendees of the 2020 XR Performance Symposium. Performed to the poem “Remember How We Forgot” by Spoken-Word artist Shane Koyczan, the piece transports us into a Warehouse of Forgotten Childhood Memories.

New Stuff Poster - Chase Levy.png
New Stuff

Chase Levy


A short diabolo project filmed during confinement in Massachusetts. As the title implies, I focused the technique to original ideas I found while at The Québec City Circus School. The film was shot very simply over the course of 2 days at Castle Island in Boston. New Stuff is also part 2 of an unnamed and unfinished trilogy.

IMG_8FE6B23A309B-1 - Rachel

Rachel Barringer


Contortion / dance vignettes

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