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Shorts - Performance 


Once Upon A Circus - Trompie - Zip Zap A
Once Upon A Circus

Zip Zap Circus

South Africa

Once Upon a Circus symbolises the impactful role that the circus arts have played in social cohesion & creating a sense of belonging for those who are on the fringe of society. It reveals the possibility of social transformation & youth empowerment through the circus arts & represents the array of youth whose lives have been transformed through a discovery of circus magic, affording them an opportunity to exceed their circumstances & unveils that Zip Zap is a microcosm of a true ‘Rainbow Nation’

roof-walker - Apostolos Leloudas.png

Apostolos Leloudas & Fiona Salisbury

Greece & UK

Surrounded by birds, empty balconies and smells rising from kitchens below, the wire-walker teeters in a constant loop of losing and saving her balance. 'Roof-Walker' offers tightwire as a metaphor for dealing with precarious situations and riding out waves of uncertainty.

ACF62C21-F8C2-4558-94E9-C640AADBF4DC - B
Sem Paredes

Beto Freitas & Lydia Gomez

Spain & Brazil

Two people building a new relationship.A house without walls or roof. In the middle of a global pandemic, with the time to reflect on human relationships, how we build them, and the fragility of this entire process.

A travel to the deepest vision of a woman, a reflection of our boundaries and limits

May be LOVE the only true protection that sets as free?

4KOtava project Tuomas5_Artist Jukka-Pek
Seven Brothers

Otava Project


This short film is a part of a broader contemporary circus project: Otava-project. It is a contemporary circus interpretation of a Finnish national novel Seven Brothers, written by Aleksis Kivi. The creation will combine literature, theatre, dance and performing arts in a way that only circus can do. “Seven Brothers” is still, after 150-years of its release, an accurate portrait of Finnish mentality.

POSTER - Matthew Richardson.jpg

Matthew Richardson


REFLEXION is a dance/circus film from the perspective of 5 artists. It is a plea for understanding and empathy. It is a plea for more listening, and more compassion. I am asking viewers to not only reflect on the situation but also to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself where you stand and how you can help. I brought together 5 incredible artists and asked them to share their voice through their craft.

rope dance - Zsuzsa Szép.png
Rope Dance

Capital Circus of Budapest


DSC01619 - Andres Arevalo.JPG

Andrés Felipe Arévalo Cortés


When our first ancestor was born from the Mother Earth’s womb, the Goddess gave him the seeds of life as a proof of her eternal love. The creature soon became a wise man and he understood that his existence depended completely on this sacred gift, in particular, on the food produced by those seeds. Thus, in gratitude to the Goddess, he always made an arduous journey into the Mother’s womb before sowing, and there he gave an offering in return, to preserve the balance in the material world.

Season Premiere

Circus Smirkus


Created in the summer of 2020, the Smirk-O-Vision season included 6 episodes. For this festival, we edited an abridged version of the Season Premiere to include the most cinematic and media specific acts, as well a couple acts created and filmed for our virtual New Year's Eve production. This show was filmed entirely remotely from the artists' homes and directed through Zoom.

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