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2022 CIFF Official
Short - Under 10 Minutes

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Papito - The artist in me

Dániel Jenőfi, Juho Rytkönen


Edgardo González, also know by his stage name Papito, shares how he became a circus artists and also speaks about the challenges artists faced during the pandemic. Originally from Argentina he is currently creating his exciting original performances in Budapest Hungary.

Granite Tile
Rock N Rose

Roch Jutras


sala de espera.jpeg
Sala de Espera

Duo Big Bang

Costa Rica

"...Meeting game that tells a story of flight in company, complicity in movement and spontaneity that anticipates the fall, to maintain balance and transform chaos..."

Red Tape

Sarah Muehlbauer


“Red Tape” is a visual meditation on lines and limits, decompositional creation, and emotional complexities like apathy, acceptance, holding on and giving up. The title and visual metaphor are meant to be a projection ground for structural, institutional, and physical constraints, which are as much in reference to bureaucratic obstacles to well-being, as they are to red flags for physical and emotional distress."


Joanna Vymeris

United Kingdom

PartUs is a short documentary performance film exploring the experience of a pregnant circus artist preparing for birth against the backdrop of the pandemic. The film was written and conceived by aerialist Rosie Rowlands and directed by Joanna Vymeris (Feathers of Daedalus Circus). PartUs blends Rosie's aerial piece which she performed 8 months pregnant with animation, poetry, new composition and audio interview with circus mothers discussing the complications of navigating pregnancy, motherhood, and a career as a circus artist.


Emily Hughes


How can we begin to remember, in our bodies and our actions, that we are not separate from the earth?

A circus-art film exploring the intricate and intimate connection between humans and nature. Part of a continued investigation of the handstand body as a tree.


Vicki Dela Amedume

United Kingdom

SEASONS is a unique creative programme exploring our changing relationship with nature and the world immediately around us using contemporary circus, music, visual design, live circus and film. Working in a digital space, Upswing has created performances that ignite the imagination and enable us to look at the world from different perspectives.


Ralph L Diaz


Pivot was created during a state of change and transition. It represents a history of returning to the fabric as a way to process emotions and experiences - in particular, as a way to reclaim power. In this piece we wished to combine the mediums of circus and film to showcase angles and details that a live audience rarely has the ability to see. In collaborating, we worked to find new ways to capture movement and perspective. Now we are excited to share our crafts from the inside and to explore new experiences of intimacy with viewers.

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