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2022 CIFF Official
Short - Under 10 Minutes


Clara Rodríguez Arasanz


A humorous solo portrait of Australian hula hoop artist Jess Mews.

nasty infinty.jpeg
Nasty Infinity

Lea Hinz


Imagine you exist as a dot of light, searching for your path of life.
What is your purpose, what is your destination?

A truly infinite energy does not go on forever but is instead unending - represented by the circle ♾

A nasty infinity is not truly infinite. It’s represented by a line that is constantly moving forward, forever delaying its arrival at an end point. 


Bárbara Monteiro Francesquine


Maré explores water as a thread of experiences, memories and senses, bringing together researches from the past and the present that merge and complement each other.
Hula hoops, body and water build small dialogues and imagetic subtleties that take place from the artist's different approaches and perspectives.

Nathan & Isis Pitstone Windmill

Roger Robinson

Uunited Kingdom

Creative project just for kicks with Cirque Du Soleil acrobats Nathan Price & Isis Clegg-Vinell. Shot run & gun style in under 3 hours at Pitstone Windmill, Hertfordshire with no rehearsal, mostly single takes.


Beniamino Barrese


A square. Several little objects - a tray, a teapot, an English grass, a small table. And then Fritz and Oscar, cute and silent housemates. Gretel goes back and forward in her tiny house made of crazy little things. She is mindless and rigorous, chaotic and still very careful in making everything stick to her bizarre logic. Everything is out of range and out of place. Then, suddenly, the catastrophe happens. What is home? Who are we? Through the immediacy of the fairy tale, GRETEL walks alone along the paths of existence. It is a joyful hymn to obstinacy and perseverance, a celebration of migration and the need for re-inventing oneself when everything collapses. A light and deep investigation on the meaning of staying and leaving through the powerful images of circus

No One Cares about Skill

Jacob Hinga


A circus artist is inspired to try some juggling after seeing something on social media. he posts himself and is disappointed by the lack of recognition he receives yet his friend who does nothing impressive but messes around gets lots of views. frustrated he tries more and more impressive feats until finally he gives up. unknown to him however a young boy has seen one of his videos and is inspired to learn, train, and become great. The video is my demonstration that it doesn't always matter how many people see your video, but how much it can affect even just one single person.


Fernando Miro


Theres a light inside every person in this world. I like to refer to that light as “Art”. And even in the darkest of time that light keeps our body and soul moving.
When the Pandemic hit and all the artists in the world were forced to find new ways to make money, the arts were the things that kept us alive. This is an hommage to the struggle of every single artist in the world feeling like they are stuck inside of a cage but have found their creative light in some sort of way.

Money Fish in Quarantine

Natalie Parkinson Dupley


The Pandemic has brought upon many challenges and forced us into Lockdowns and Quarantines. The Money Fish have been stuck inside for far too long and now they must find a way to perform!

These synchro swimmers meet flapper girls are a zany dancing trio of fish-like synchronized swimmers - on land! Seriously silly and clownish characters in matching gold swimsuits, green swim caps & flippers, the Money Fish have prepared their world class acrobatic synchro routine with nobody to share it with!

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