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2022 CIFF Official
Short - Under 10 Minutes

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Vee Smith, Sadiq Ali, Donald Dalziel

United Kingdom

🏳️‍🌈* A party within a party, this short film celebrates queerness, outsider sensibilities, experimental circus and video art. Colourful, irreverent, fast-paced and quirky, these hyper-saturated vignettes are a collection of micro-stories: The childhood moments that lead us to who we are now. Feeling lost but having to pretend to be ok. How do we define ourselves outside of sexual spaces? Is it natural to feel ‘unnatural’? How do we break free of stigma, and do we always need to perform a version of ourselves to be accepted? These are some of the questions that lead us to this project and to partner up with other Queer Scottish creatives to make a circus film with no splits in it, sorry not sorry.

*(pronounced "Pride Flag Emoji")

Atomic Love

Briana Bowie


Atomic Love is a cheeky, powerhouse, rock & roll hand-to-hand act filmed on the neon-lit streets of downtown Las Vegas.


Dalia Shafie


Dalia is a Palestinian in diaspora, an Arab American who grew up around 9/11 and its aftereffects. In this short piece, she uses aerial rope performance as the medium to explore the spaces, barriers, and emotions in between these identities. How does it feel to be both too much and not enough? How does it feel to be foreign everywhere? How does it feel to be always in between?

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 8.31.07 AM.png

Andrea Dillon


During the height of the pandemic with all live shows dark, a filmmaker and circus performer explore how circus can be performed for the camera in a way impossible for the live stage.

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6 Minutes of Perfection

Sage Hall


The average circus artist’s performance is six minutes yet it takes them a lifetime of practice to perfect their routines.


Roger Robinson

United Kingdom

Acrobatic dance short film/research project.

big shoulders.jpeg
Big Shoulders

Eric Bates


A circus tribute to the city of Chicago featuring Cirque Barcode and the poem Chicago by Carl Sandburg.

Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 8.28.31 AM.png

Andi Pankratz


Named for the Hebrew word that "Adam" was derived from in the bible, Adamah utilizes contortion, contemporary dance, and aerial lyra as a medium to explore the experience of being transgender in the church.

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