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2022 CIFF Official
Short - Under 10 Minutes

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Box Apocalypse 

Philibert Hébert-Filion


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Kadri Hansen


The aftermath of being unexpectedly drowned

dreaming ofspace juggling.jpeg
Dreaming of Space Juggling

Adam Dipert


A physicist and circus performer dreams of the future of juggling without gravity.

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Country Cure - Lasso Rope

Enrique Escajeda


This project was my art therapy while recovering from PTSD and depression after taking care of 300+ COVID sick patients, the spirit of it is reclaiming joy and getting back to the things and people you love. I hope it makes you smile. Laura Bell Bundy, the author of the song, said “she was honored” to be part of it.

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Circles in the Water

Julie Dionne


Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 1.33.30 PM.png

Cristian Triviño


Des-Tierra is a Video Circus of environmental art that is not part of the fun.
An ecological manifesto that points out the problems that affect the planet, through the circus arts and virtuosity. to get out of the framework of complacent entertainment and thus prolong actions to the limits where the scenic, the fragility of nature with its own circus elements and a feeling that the artist wants to communicate to us.
Seeking to raise awareness about the passage of human beings on earth, this type of manifesto does not contribute to environmental degradation, weaves the actions between sky, air and earth with their feelings of dispossession, and the precise gesture in the poetics of the imaginary moving the public to another conscience.


Andrea Baccomo


2020, theatres are closed. No audience is allowed. A performer, a juggler, fills the emptiness.

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Lea Hinz


I started walking on this path when the pandemic started...

As live entertainment was forced to take a break I put together this video project in order to celebrate performers, their amazing talents and their passion for the arts.
Do what you love doing. Be kind to yourself and others. Be aware.

The journey of my initial idea to its final form is an experience I will cherish forever.
I learned about scouting for locations, collaborators and talents, I learned how to create storyboards and how to schedule a shoot, I had my first experience directing a video - in extreme circumstances - and I learned how to edit, add special effects and animate.

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